Mock Poplar

Some would argue you can’t improve on mother nature. But when overcast skies prevent optimal photo taking one can always “tweak” mother nature a bit by using software to augment what’s already a pretty good look. Below is a grove of budding poplar (aka popple) growing road side along a quiet country lane in northern Wisconsin.

South shore sunset

A small distance makes a big difference as spring gets started on Lake Superior. Just a few miles west from this south shore location, the ice and fog dominate the landscape as winds move the little ice that formed on the big lake this winter toward the Twin Ports. In the photo below a lone angler tries his luck at the mouth of the Brule River.

Freakish weather continues

I’d like to say our mild winter has continued into spring but officially it’s still winter!  I guess the groundhog was right and spring has arrived early to much of the country including Minnesota. We got out this morning, yes it’s hard to say, to beat the heat that’s expected later today heading towards 80 degrees. In the below, the ice was out about three feet and fog was lifting off the lake as a southerly breeze started to build.

Full feathered flight

It’s tough catching a Chickadee in full feathered flight. In this case I set the shutter speed high (ie 1/1000 of a second) and also continuous, pointed the camera, closed my eyes and hoped for the best. These 1/2 ounce birds spend all day at the feeder eventually caching the sunflower seeds throughout the yard. An abandoned bird’s nest on the other side of the house is a favorite spot.