Our nearest outside

Getting active outdoors doesn’t have to mean traveling long distances to walk in the woods. Spending time in your own yard has therapeutic benefits too. We’ve peered out our windows long enough thinking about the outside that’s just beyond our reach. The wait is over. It’s time to dust off those coveralls, pump up the tire on the wheel barrow and see what’s popping up through that thinning layer of mulch in the garden.

Up nort’ at sundown

There is something special about up north (sounds like up nort’) sunsets. Maybe it’s the clear air or different humidity caused by a closeness to water and trees. In the photo below I was too early for the stars but early enough to catch the contrasting orange and blue. No mosquitoes yet but a few slow moving ticks are out and about. And Tadpoles are waiting patiently in the mix of dead leaves and pine needles bunched in the lake close to shore.