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It’s feast or famine

I remember fretting over the lack of rainfall just a short time ago.  As you can see from the banks of the Amnicon River in NW Wisconsin too much too quick sent many areas into flood control mode.

It’s a bird it’s a plane


No but it is a sphinx hummingmoth. From a distance it looks just like a hummingbirid.  I happened to spot this one hovering over the lilac bushes in our backyard.


Good amounts of rain…finally

Unexpected weather continues into May with much needed heavy rains several days in a row punching out leaves and green and raising stream and lake levels a bit too. Water helps us see why these are red pines as their outer bark gets a colorful hue after the rains. Thankfully the sun eventually makes an appearance to show us how lucky we are to see these wondrous sights.