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Colorado sunset

The dazzling sunset last night came as a result of the raging fires in Colorado. The ash and smoke travel on the jet stream to Minnesota and beyond producing a more defined sun as it lowers down the horizon beyond the tree line.

Western Lake Superior

The southwest shore of Lake Superior looks very different today. The flooding has raised the lake level significantly turning the entire western bay into a chocolate milk color and loading the beaches with wood debris from the dozens of raging rivers flowing into the big lake. It will be a while before things get back to what we think of as normal.

Into the inside

This male rose breasted grosbeak arrived about a month ago and regularly takes a peak through our living room window to see what his neighbors are doing.

From NW Wisconsin

Our smaller red pines are no match for the power of a Pileated Woodpecker, the largest woodpecker in North America. I just hope he found what he was looking for…must have been a monster grub!

Laetiporus aka the chicken of the woods mushroom can be several pounds in size. Cooked up many think it tastes like chicken. I’ll try some tonight on the grill and let you know. UPDATE: grilled nicely very tasty!

The Middle river is a beautiful little cola colored trout stream meandering through the pines en route to Lake Superior near Poplar Wisconsin.

Very agile

The Minnesota Agility Club (macagility.org) paid a visit to our local county fair grounds and treated us locals to many excited dogs and dog owners from all over the area. The competition was intense and from what I could see the border collies were doing very well.

Now where did I park my submarine?

The St Croix river has risen about 7′ in the past week due to heavy rains throughout the region. Fish and fowl are mixing with Stillwater’s residents and visitors alike all trying to make sense of a flooded parkway in June.