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Relaxing wait

This young buck with a mouth full of cud lay relaxing in the woods with a doe waiting for their fawn to play out what looked to be a ton of boundless energy.

Go jump in the lake

Yikes we are officially past the mid summer mark. Our first frost of the fall typically happens September 15 although I’d say this year all bets are off with the atypical weather we’ve been having. Per the below do yourself a favor and go jump in the lake before it’s too late. You’ll be glad you did. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JBR!

Just a reminder

I spotted this colorful birch leaf, a sure sign of what’s on the way in just a few short months. Another reminder to take full advantage of our summer weather while it lasts here in the Northland. Enjoy!

Catch and release

The fish spawned early and are typically sluggish by July. But with a full time otter and her six pups in the lake fish like this largemouth bass are staying in deeper water. This one fell to a jointed Rapala before going back to be caught another day.

Blooming roadside

Heavy rains and 90 degree temps produce bountiful sunflower (Helianthis) blooms along a country lane in southern Minnesota.