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Open water anyone?

We’ve seen a number of small Canada Geese flocks migrating north in the last few days. These four gave us a flyover during our walk around the pond as if to ask “has anyone seen any open water?”.

geese return

Waiting it out

The hardy American Crow doesn’t seem to mind this delayed spring but then it helps to be covered in black feathers on a cold sunny day. Crows mate for life and can live to be 25 years or more. Revered by native populations for their durability and willingness to eat just about anything to survive, crows flock together at night it’s thought to help ward off their arch enemy the Great Horned Owl.

American Crow

What the?

Even the squirrels are asking what the heck to all this new snow and temps dropping into single digits at night forecasted for the upcoming week.  Reminder: Wednesday is the official first day of spring. Uh huh sure.

what the

Quercus palustris leaf

The pin oak is an important foundational species here in Minnesota providing acorns for many animals that make Minnesota their home year round including deer, blue jays, squirrels, chipmunks and even some woodpeckers. The dozen or so pin oaks in our backyard are still holding on to their leaves reminding me every day there will be plenty of raking to do this spring.

pin oak leaf

Snowshoe perfect

We seem to be in THE pattern with the potential for new snow every few days. Last night we saw 4-5″ inches of the light fluffy stuff, a perfect reason to take a spin around the yard on a pair of snowshoes gathering dust in the garage.

snowshoe day

Sarasota sunset here in Minnesota

Same sun different horizon. At least we get good sunsets this time of year as we “march” toward official spring. It’s hard to believe last year at this time our daytime highs were in the 60s and 70s. With this spring’s below average temps a trip to the gulf would do a lot to warm the winter blues.

spring sunset

Blue skies

When it’s raining and 33 degrees on a cold-to-your-bones March day the best way to cure the BLUES is to pull out some pictures of summer to remind yourself of what is to come. Blue skies nothing but blue skies (thanks Maxine!).

two boys fishing summer

Bowing boughs

Our latest winter storm brought 10″ of new snow to eastern Minnesota adding even more weight to the already bowing boughs on our spruces and pines.


Waiting game

Once we’ve hit March there is a terrible waiting game. The sun feels warmer the days are longer but deep down we know the canoe will not see water for another 6-8 weeks. Now is a good time to hit the internet and plan your first warm weather outdoor trip of the year.

snow bound canoe