Quercus palustris leaf

The pin oak is an important foundational species here in Minnesota providing acorns for many animals that make Minnesota their home year round including deer, blue jays, squirrels, chipmunks and even some woodpeckers. The dozen or so pin oaks in our backyard are still holding on to their leaves reminding me every day there will be plenty of raking to do this spring.

pin oak leaf

3 thoughts on “Quercus palustris leaf”

  1. We have several oaks on the lake side of our yard, no pin oaks. The squirrels to love them! I didn’t realize Jays and Woodpeckers found them to be a good food source. With the threat of a winter storm this Sunday night(3-17-2013), I will look forward to the raking in the spring :).

    During the warm spell we had this winter, our magnolia tree decided to create some buds. Hope this won’t diminish the spring bloom.

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