April showers…

…bring cut flowers from the supermarket. Ok this is totally cheating but it’s way too wet to take my camera gear outside. Tulip tips have poked through the mulch along the “sunny” side of the house but today they’re covered with four inches of slush. Last spring many of us were grousing about the heat. The Minnesota spring forecast for the rest of April: highly variable with patches of uncertainty.

April showers

3 thoughts on “April showers…”

  1. Rain, rain go away, come again some other day. Ditto for the snow 😦 Spent the afternoon at Bachman’s on Lyndale…that was a wonderful springtime fix. The tulips here are so cheerful, soon it will be that cheerful outside, too. Hugs, M

  2. I did the same at Rose Floral in Stillwater. just walked around and breathed the wonderful oxygenated fresh air and looked at all of the new baby flowers in pots. Got myself a few pansies to plant in my pot. Spring soon come.

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