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End of the rainbow

The gold at the end of this rainbow is the area itself along Minnesota’s border with Canada. It’s truly God’s country.

Rainbow VNP

Be a voyageur again

Here in Minnesota only Voyageurs National Park can provide these amazing vistas. Go now before it’s too late! This was my living room for three nights on Namakan Lake campsite N26.

campsite view v2

Heat rising

The water in this little 30 acre lake is still warm so cool September mornings pull some of that warmth out giving a foggy start to the day.

early morning bass fishing

Actual size

I’m starting to see patches of acorns under the oaks giving a preview of the beautiful fall colors on our horizon.

oak nut

It’s now or never

How does that Elvis song go…It’s now or never. The water is still warm so visit your favorite lake today. Remember all that snow we had last winter?

Square Lake JBR

Hints of fall

PoplarAsterGhost plant or Indian pipe