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Howard Lake sunset

Tasty turkey and great views were had by all watching the sun set across Howard Lake west of the Twin Cities metro. Thanks Marilyn and John!

Howard Lake sunset

Tiny bubbles

While most ponds and some lakes now have ice the Minnesota DNR publishes specific guidelines before heading out for a walk on the water. Have fun but be safe is always a good rule of thumb.

  • 4 inches for walking
  • 5 inches for a snowmobile or ATV
  • 8-12 inches for a car
  • 12-15 inches for a medium-sized truck

pond leaf

Natural camouflage

After thousands of years of evolution the black capped chickadee is able to blend perfectly in the shadows amongst fir and spruce branches to easily evade predators.


White birch in fall

We’ve lost much of our older white birch during the last several years as our climate continues to evolve. Here in Minnesota we’re at the very southern edge of its normal range. This young birch seems to be doing well close to a pond where it gets plenty of sunshine and nutrients year round.birch bark

Fairwell to fairways

Fallen leaves skate across tightly groomed fairways into the rough where they’ll stick until spring.

winter fairways

Duck optimism

We’ve had some cold starts this week and while most have already abandoned this 20 acres pond, one optimistic duck paddled the puddles not willing to give up the fight.

last duck out


Birthday tribute

A life long resident of Superior Wisconsin, Bob Browne was a true outdoorsman who taught me much about community service, advocacy and taking a stand for good water quality. After retiring he worked as an appointee to the Lake Superior Binational Forum, part of a broader effort to protect the Lake Superior basin. He founded Lake Superior Day a celebration held annually on the third Sunday in July in communities around the lake to honor the greatest of the great lakes. Bob passed away on August 1 he would have been 77 today.

BB 2013

Farmyard morning

The black Angus were moved to their winter grounds and the only calls now are the farm pond geese strengthening their wings for the long flight south.

dark side of the barn

Frosty leaf edges

With MN’s first measurable snowfall in the forecast it sure feels like we’re in the 4th quarter of ’13.

frosty edges