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38 inches and counting

We’ve had so many snow events here in Minnesota. Taking a tour on snowshoes today I saw few trails in the woods even squirrels sink in this light fluff. Deer, rabbit, fox and other non human tracks can be seen on shoveled trails even around house foundations as local wildlife take the path of least resistance during this year’s cold AND snowy winter.

deep snow

Blowing and drifting

You know it’s time to head home when you can’t see very far down the road. Three inches of fresh snow plus blustery winds from the north drive most indoors to wait out the white out.

white out

On thick ice

Good fishing lakes sprout colorful ice house cities where kids and grown-ups alike venture out for the unique experience of walking and driving on water.

ice time

Colorful spruce

This time of year our eyes gravitate to color as we grow weary of the muted grays and browns of winter. We’re gaining nearly two minutes with the sun rising a minute sooner and setting a minute later each day.

Blue spruce

Baby it’s cold outside

This subzero spell has closed schools, cancelled flights and turned most outdoor activities upside down. Our local airport looks like a backdrop for the movie Ice Station Zebra. Baby it’s cold outside!

ice station zebra

Smooth sailing

You need to work a little harder to get your glide on when the temps are below zero. All that extra effort however helps warm you up and before long you wish you’d left that one extra layer in the car.

smooth deck