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Spring in the valley

A wide view of the St Croix river valley from a perch above downtown Stillwater. Spring yes but single digit temps at night keep the river frozen and ice-covered. 130 years ago back in 1884 logs spanned across the river as red and white pine from northern Minnesota and Wisconsin made their way down to sawmills in towns like St Croix Falls, Stillwater and Hudson (National Park Service photo).Above Stillwater MarchHistoric photo of logjam in Taylors Falls, 1884


Bridge over frozen water

With a 10 degree start this morning ice on the St Croix looks plenty sturdy. As much as we hope, early to mid March is still winter here. With every day’s passing though signs of spring erupt from underneath the crusty layers of frozen stuff boosting moods and thoughts of warmer days.

Stillwater lift bridge

Slow thaw

Having received nearly five feet of snow this winter our spring thaw is taking its time. The official first day of spring is only one week away with signs everywhere including cardinals and chickadees singing their mating songs with enthusiasm!

icey leaf

The right perspective

There’s an old saying that goes something like I had the blues because I had no shoes, until upon the street I met a man who had no feet. Whenever I feel whiny about shoving my own driveway I look down the block to this farm house and suddenly I’m fine with the one I’ve got!

Glad I don't shovel this one!