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Not so fast

Wisconsinites up north are saying “hey not so fast” to all this talk about spring with plenty of snow on the ground and stubborn lake ice thwarting waterfowl migration efforts.

Not so fast v2

Foggy bottom

Our last bit of snow melted with an overnight rain and a fog formed over the pond this morning where spring peepers call continuously to attract mates.

foggy bottom

Goodbye, farewell…

..auf wiedersehen, adieu to winter. Ice on smaller ponds has melted with just a patchwork here and there on deeper Metro lakes. 70 degrees and sunny tomorrow should finally put an end to six months of the frozen stuff.

Last ice


Sunny and 60 warmed the neighbor’s wood pile enough to “spring” this chipmunk from his woody lair starting the annual process of gathering and storing leftover seed from beneath the bird feeder.

chubby cheeks

Resting spot

This morning the pond is a flyover, still covered with a thin sheet of ice. In a few days it will fill each night like a bird hotel with resting ducks and geese. And then in the morning it will empty again as small flocks come and go en route to preferred nesting grounds farther to the north.

Flyby pond