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Ponds ‘o plenty

Consecutive snowy winters and wet springs have contributed to more and bigger ponds. That’s good for mosquitoes and good for leopard frogs who feed on their wiggling larvae emerging from the mud. Go frogs!

spring frog pond

Library lake

Folks in Cumberland Wisconsin enjoy a wealth of lake access with nearly the entire city proper surrounded by lakes. With only four days above 70 degrees so far in 2014 it’s catch-as-catch-can before the mosquitoes, humidity and wood ticks join the party!

city fishing

Spring rain

There’s nothing like spring rain to clean things up after a long winter. Mother nature doesn’t care if it’s an April or May shower both will replace winter’s gray browns with the green of summer.

colors of summer

Sounds of spring

One could practically hear the melting ice on Sunday as the shore-to-ice gap grew by the hour.  NW Wisconsin’s seasonal ponds are full to the brim as the last piles of snow melt away for good.

ready for the water