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Summer is here

This campground on the main drag in Shell Lake Wisconsin is busy all summer long. Fish or swim right out your camper door.  Or walk across the street for ice cream and a hot dog.  If you feel REALLY adventurous you can walk the neighborhood in search of that secret blueberry patch. Don’t wait too long though, believe it or not we’re already on the door step of the 4th of July!

lakeside campingSunniesFor July

Cirrus radiatus

Like giant fingers these strands of cirrus clouds form as water dissipates at high altitudes indicating a weather change. And boy can we use a change. Typical June rainfall is 2-3″ and we’ve had over ten with another week left in the month. 2014 is turning into one for the record books.

high cirrus

Blue damsel

These dragonfly-esque bugs are called damselflies who thankfully eat mosquitoes like their broad winged cousin. But unlike the dragonfly, damselflies prefer to rest with their wings on the sides of their body. Hey as long as they eat mosquitoes – wings out, wings in whatever works!

at rest

Jewels of spring

June is Minnesota’s rainiest month and so far we’re on track to support this trend. Beads from today’s rain gather on an Iris strand flattened by the swirling winds of spring.

pearls of spring