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Bear crossing

A walk in the woods on your favorite ski trail is an opportunity to see who else enjoys the change of seasons. This female black bear was traveling with three cubs, two spaniel sized puff balls from the spring and a one year old who climbed his way to safety as we walked quickly by.

trial bear1 yr oldtrail heaven

Autumn hints

The bright colors of autumn are beginning to show with brilliant oranges, yellows and reds sneaking into the canopy in small brush strokes almost overnight little by little our summer green fades away.

new colors over the pond2 maple red transitions

Putting soccer balls to shame

Our mild summer and plenty of leaf litter produced this giant puffball mushroom near the tree line in our backyard. It’s estimated an average sized one of these produces 7 trillion (that’s 12 zeros) spores at maturity. Now that’s a lot of spores!

Super sized mushroom

Autumn trinity

Turning leaves, mushrooms poking through the understory and acorns aplenty; a sure sign of fall if ever there was one!

fall on the way