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Anyone seen Santa?

While related to reindeer aka caribou (both are members of the deer family), these elk were looking for greener pastures along a major north south highway. I expect this group will stay well grounded over the next few days. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, safe travels to all!

copyright Gene Kallighercopyright Gene Kalligher

Surfer girls

Wet suits are required attire for winter surfing as this group of four (one paddling out) would surely agree. Low tide can also be a popular time for harvesting California mussels (wet suit optional) on boulders completely submerged later in the tide’s range.

copyright Gene Kalligher

History harbor

The tiny village of Trinidad California tucked behind its beach head and 19th century replica lighthouse has a long history. First as a village site for native peoples before harboring Spaniards, Russians and Brits in the 1500-1600s. European settlers arrived in the 1800s; their grave markers still evident in the town’s cemetery. Today Trinidad is a tourist mecca and fishing village known for supplying Dungeness crabs to California and states beyond.


Wave power

If you’ve ever been hit by even a small wave you know there’s power behind that water. Sea stacks are the eroded rock formation left standing after a millennia of wave activity. They add character to an already beautiful coastline AND make great nesting sites for birds and other wildlife.

copyright Gene Kalligher