exploring our amazing natural spaces

Outdoor Minnesota Summer

Cirrus radiatus

Like giant fingers these strands of cirrus clouds form as water dissipates at high altitudes indicating a weather change. And boy can we use a change. Typical June rainfall is 2-3″ and we’ve had over ten with another week left in the month. 2014 is turning into one for the record books.

high cirrus

Be a voyageur again

Here in Minnesota only Voyageurs National Park can provide these amazing vistas. Go now before it’s too late! This was my living room for three nights on Namakan Lake campsite N26.

campsite view v2

It’s now or never

How does that Elvis song go…It’s now or never. The water is still warm so visit your favorite lake today. Remember all that snow we had last winter?

Square Lake JBR

Ok I promise this will be the last…

….birdbath photo of the year. It’s just that we don’t see many Orioles here in Minnesota. Yup that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


A butterfly’s dream

These oft visited verbena are a Black Swallowtail’s dream providing dozens of tiny nectar filled flowers without the need for much flight time.

verbena swallotail

Sun shower

This male Blue Jay creates his own version of a sun shower while trying to get all the nooks and crannies wet and cool on a hot August day.

untitled shoot-003-17export sunny

Bluebird on my shoulder

This pair of fledgling bluebirds hunted bugs from the deck today and were very interested my indoor world behind the glass. Disney’s zip-a-dee-doo-dah is hard not to sing when you see these guys.

fledgling BBs BB what's in there

Stormy weather

June is typically Minnesota’s rainiest month…and this June is no exception. A pic from the side yard displays our stormy weather conditions typical of the last few weeks. Thanks Lena!

stormy weather


High as a elephant’s eye

It’s called a Russian Mammoth sunflower and according to the seed pack has the potential to grow 8-12 feet tall.  Ours sprouted to about ten feet, grew big flower heads the size of a hubcap and then flopped over from the weight of the developing sunflower seeds.

Low flyers

Low to no wind on National Night Out brought a nice surprise as low flying balloons cruised a few hundred feet above our neighborhood gathering.