exploring our amazing natural spaces

Outdoor Wisconsin Spring

Morning stretch

The loons on this small lake seem to love hearing their calls echo off the trees. Me too especially late at night. What would a true north woods experience be without the cry of the loon?

cloudy start loons

Slow migration

Once the ice is out the lake begins to spring. Loons return from their ocean adventure. Ducks stop briefly en route to more northerly nesting sites. Fish wallow in warming shallows. And we humans slowly move back toward open water, paddle at the ready, anticipating a warm summer to come._MG_5012_3_4_tonemapped-2

Picture in a picture

When the temps break 70 the masses come out of hibernation to enjoy the great outdoors. Lake Superior is a favorite subject for photographers with endless horizons and colorful lighthouses.

copyright Gene Kalligher

Half and half

The lake tells the story half ice covered half open water. Similar to our spring sunny one day snowy the next. Years like these send us right from winter into summer. We can hope can’t we?

Beauty and the beast

Slow drip of spring

Yes spring in like a lion with a winter storm warning set for today. Payback for a mild winter perhaps? At least the sun is shining we tell ourselves as we grasp for the silver lining!

melting ice cicles

Not so fast

A winter like storm straight from Canada dropped 2-3″ of the fluffy white stuff last night. April fools! Yup I feel like one. Eventually winds died and the sun brightened enough to save the day.Snowy pinesSun across JonesPonds refrozen

Teachable moments

When fishing from a rowboat with two young boys one’s multitasking skills really shine through.     Row the boat, keep all alive and in the boat, untangle lines, bait hooks, unhook snags, reel in fish, keep hats and life jackets in place, refocus attention, stay positive, reposition boat, release fish, apply sunscreen, share snacks, manage calls of nature, smile.

copyright Gene Kalligher


Rain plus a few warm nights causes the natural world to come alive. The lake surface develops a layer of bugs and tree debris from the night before. Strawberries bloom roadside. And otter kits leave the safety of an old beaver lodge to scour the weeds near shore for minnows and small fish.

lake surfaceroad berriesotter kits

Slow spring

The old dock shows signs of winter weather. Trees along the lake leaf out in no great hurry. Acorns missed by the animals spring forth as new life emerges SLOWLY along this small Wisconsin lake.

old dockoak sprouting acorn

Gaining definition

It’s good to see the summer clouds again. In winter all the sky melds together into a pale mat. As spring evolves the clouds gain definition, shape and separation.  spring 2015